Dental Implant Center of North Houston

Welcome to the Dental Implant Center of North Houston

We would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for your time and interest concerning the possibilities of implant dentistry. The fact that you are reading this indicates you have serious questions regarding your present dental health.

The purpose of this information is to provide you with the specifics relating to dental implants and present it to you as easily as possible. You may or may not be properly informed when it comes to dental implants. That is why we ask you to take your time and read the questions and answers carefully that are outlined in this website.

About Our Implant Center

Together, The Dental Implant Center of North Houston was founded by Dr. Stanton and Dr. Manon. The doctors are both board certified in American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and American Board of Oral Implantology. Our doctors strive to provide the most up to date technologies and procedures to maximize the esthetic and functional placement of dental implants and take pride in offering the newest and most innovated techniques.

We bring together our extensive experience and our trained dental team to provide each patient with the caring, friendly service you need to make an informed and educated decision about your dental health care. After providing you with a personalized treatment plan, we will be happy to discuss payment plans which may work for you.